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STOLL front loaders focus on quality in every detail.


STOLL constructing engineers succeeded again to combine approved techniques with completely new technical solutions to a modern and impressive loader. You will fast appreciate the benefi ts of mechanical selfl evelling by a Z-Kinematik, additional scooping function and rapid dump for many jobs with your tractor. For the laying of hydraulic pipes STOLL gains best notes. Every centimetre of this loader provides confi dence. Enter your tractor and look forward to your new FZ / FS front loader.

The new STOLL front loaders FZ / FS combine all attributes like power, rigidity, loading performance and modern design to a new innovative loader concept. These loaders excel in functionality and technical intelligent solutions and will give you pleasure at your daily job by high performance and comfortable handling.

The innovation, which you can expect from a new STOLL front loader. Mechanical selflevelling in addition with Z-Kinematik was available before, but the positioning positioning of the control rod inside the rear lift-arm pillar is a skilfully, creative solution, and develops until now not known comfort concerning better view during loader-work and also regarding the construction of the loader. This new concept now acquires the operation-job, which could be realized only with hydraulic guided selflevellingloaders.

Caused by this distinctive construction – none upper-located controlrods – you will get benefit by better visibility to the loading-material and the driveway, to the front and to the side – this ensures a secured and fast loading-job. Furthermore the Z-Kinematik provides a high performance regarding liftingcapacity. The achieved results you can rely on. You will be most excited from this enormously powerful front loader.

Outstanding loading performance by optimum alignment to the tractor

The design of the Z-Kinematik with the control rods inside the rear liftarms works positive for the ideal positioning of loader to tractor – especially by keeping the windscreen openable. By the absence of an overhead control rod the loader is placeable closer to cabin – thus closer to the centre of mass of the tractor. The windscreen stays openable in most cases and the front axle load is reduced. Your tractor will award this with lower wear and higher durability.

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