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Westfield X Series

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X10 & X13 Scissor Lift Augers

X10 up to 6,600 bph | 63' 73' 83'
X13 up to 11,000 bph | 74' 84' 94'
AGI Westfield’s latest auger, the X Series, uses a scissor lift frame with cross members to maximize reach and reduce swaying, keeping the auger in place once it has been positioned at the bin. Heavy-duty cable trussing is used on smaller models. However, for longer, heavier models, AGI Westfield uses commercial strength steel trussing. Trussing acts like the backbone of the auger and keeps the tube and flighting aligned, making set up at the bin easy.

Hopper + Hopper Lift Arm

The low profile hopper features left and right hand flighting to pull grain toward the center of the hopper so it flows efficiently up into the tapered boot – maximizing capacity and minimizing unload time. The 6" rubber extension along the edge of the hopper prevents grain from splashing. The hopper lift arm and hopper can be positioned on the left- or right-hand side of the auger, offering the convenience of unloading from either side.



Right Angle Drive

When working in a small space, the right angle drive allows the auger to be positioned at a 90-degree angle from the truck.


Required for 1,000 RPM tractors to reduce the speed to 540 RPM required for an auger.
The reversing feature allows the flight direction to be reversed for quick and easy clean-out, saving time when moving from one commodity to the next. The reverser kit is also available on its own, without the speed reducer.

Hopper Options

A hydraulic or remote Power Swing is available for the X10 and X13. The GULP2 drive over hopper is available for the X13. Also available for the X13 is the X-Tend, a retracting swing auger.

Hydraulic Hopper Winch

The hydraulic hopper winch allows the user to raise and lower the auger with ease.

Working Light Kits

When the sun goes down, LED working lights provide enhanced lighting conditions at the hopper, axle, and tube discharge to bin.
X Series
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