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LEON 1700 Land Scraper

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LEON LAND SCRAPERS are known for their highest standards in quality, design and durability.  Over 60 years of experience in manufacturing heavy material handling equipment and the satisfaction of thousands of customers worldwide are the assurances that the Leon Land Scraper will be the right choice.

1700 Land Scraper
Sale Type
  • Hydraulic Forced Ejection System - Allows materials to be ejected and levelled in one pass.

  • Welded Uniframe Construction - The construction utilizes heavy tubular steel frame. The reinforced steel sidewalls, floor, front gate and rear push gate with high rear spill plate guarantees long lasting durability.

  • Structural Strength - Scientifically designed structural strength is verified by Engineers using computerized Finite Element Analysis to simulate working conditions.
  • Unique LEON Ball Steering - LEON Land Scrapers heavy duty ball type steering permits unrestricted easy steering control even in tough, hard working or pulling conditions.

  • Heavy Duty Hubs, Spindles, and Rims - Dust sealed 8 bolt studded hubs with tapered roller bearings, spindles gusseted to maintain straight position under severe bumps and industrial-grade 8 bolts Rims throughout to handle selected tires.

  • Excellent Blade Visibility – The cutting blade and front gate are positioned for the operator's full vision during loading and ejection of the materials.
  • Synchronized Hydraulic Control - LEON’s synchronized Hydraulic System provides the operator with total control of depth of cut when loading and with depth of front ejection while dumping and leveling.

  • Laser Depth Sensor - All LEON models are designed to incorporate laser technology. An effective laser system can help make land levelling easier and less expensive than alternative methods.

  • Maximum Ground Clearance - Maximum ground clearance when the cutting edge is in the raised position enables the operator successful ejection of the materials.

  • Baked-on Powder Paint Finish - All LEON Models offer tough durable outer paint coverage after pre paint metal shot-blast cleaning process. This state-of-the-art finishing process ensures a professional and attractive appearance.

model 1700 specifications