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LEON GZ425 PUll Scraper

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Landscape your field with the all season, multi-functional LEON Pull Scraper to ensure better productivity and profits.

  • Ideal applications for the LEON GZ Pull Scraper include:

  • Pulling Ditches

  • Grading Roads

  • Leveling Frost Bumps

  • General Landscaping

  • Snow Removal

  • Irrigation

  • Rock Digging

  • Road Maintenance

  • Fill in Washout

  • Maintaining Orchards

  • Trenching

  • Leveling Fence Lines

  • Corral Cleaning

  • Laser Leveling - GPS Assisted

  • Agricultural, Commercial and Municipal County uses

GZ425 Pull Scraper
Sale Type
  • Hydraulic Cushion Valve - The Hydraulic Cushion Valve comes standard on all LEON Pull Scrapers to protect the blade against grading obstacles.

  • Unique LEON Exclusive Arched Boom - The Arched Boom of the LEON GZ400 Pull Scraper provides optimum user visibility and maximum maneuverability in digging, angling, tilting and offsetting the cutting blade.

  • Heavy Duty Large Floatation Tires - These tires have maximum load rating and provide superior smooth operation on the fields and on roads.

  • Standard Offset Control - Allows boom to offset 10 feet left or 10 feet right allowing the blade to work in tough to reach locations.
  • Ripple Formed Moldboard - The Exclusive LEON Ripple Formed Moldboard always ‘rolls the load ahead’ allowing for a cleaner roll off of material.

  • Swing Away Box End Plates - This option allows unit to be used as a box scraper. Swing away plates can be engaged to utilize the box scraper or can be placed back to allow material to slide off the end of the moldboard.

  • Replaceable Cutting Edge – All LEON Pull Scrapers come standard with a high carbon cutting edge which is REPLACEABLE and REVERSIBLE.
  • Standard Weight Box - Positioned over the main axle to provide maximum stability and control on slopes and over bumpy terrain and incline. Optional 1000 lb. weights with transport hooks are available on all models

  • Standard Swivel Hitch Tongue - Provides the LEON Pull Scraper with superior maneuverability in those confined spaces and during sharp turns.

  • Baked-on Powder Paint Finish -  All LEON Models offer tough durable outer paint coverage after pre paint metal shot-blast cleaning process.

gz400 pull scraper specifications