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Quicke Quadrogrip® TS

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Quicke Quadrogrip® TS Quadrogrip® TS

Handles square bales in an even more professional way

The new Quadrogrip® TS handles square bales in an even more professional way.
It can handle large and small, square, round, plastic wrapped or straw bales. It has two different arm lengths depending on customers’ needs. The arms extend out from a narrow style frame, reducing the space required for handling and stacking bales. A feature which is especially useful when working inside buildings, close to walls, or when stacking bales on a trailer. Implement arms attached on plastic skid plates removes need for greasing and prevents grease from coming into contact with bales and animal feed.
Quadrogrip® TS comes with two different arm lengths and on top of that it is prepared for a various accessories to increase the usage to more machine types and to allow different types of bale handling.
Bolt on hook system compatible with our full range of 80×80 bolt on hooks, allows the implement to be fitted to a wide range of machines such as telehandlers, farm tractors and wheel loaders.

Quadrogrip® TS
Sale Type
Quadrogrip® TS 135cm ARMS 160cm ARMS
Height, cm 53,5 53,5
Max. bale size, cm 200 200
Min. bale size, cm 65 65
Width fully closed, cm 175 175
Width fully extended, cm 251 251
Depth total, cm 180 205
Weight, kg 420 428
Carrying capacity, kg 1500 1500