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Anderson A520 Double Auger Feed Mixer

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The Anderson pull type A520 twin auger mixer (conveyor discharge) has the ability to mix the widest variety of ingredients.  Process large amount of hay, even complete square and round bales of baleage.  Available with several discharge options. Whether your rations are designed to increase milk production of dairy cows or minimize variation in feed for each group you feed, vertical mixer will help optimize the dry matter and nutrient intake of your herd.

Sale Type
Load Cell
Scale System
DG500 (standard)
Number Of Auger
Driveline Security
Shear bolt
Utility Load Capacity
15 080 lb (6839 kg)
Auger RPM – Low Speed
27 RPM
6" In Capacity Extension
574 ft3 (16.3 m3)
12" In Capacity Extension
628 ft3 (17.8 m3)
18" In Capacity Extension
682in(208cm) ft3 (19.3 m3)
Standard Knives Per Auger
6 / 10 optional
Capacity (no Capacity Extension)
520 ft3 (14.7 m3)
PTO Shaft - Standard Specification
54in(888cm)0 RP m 1" 3/8 Z6
Minimum PTO HP Requirement - High Speed
Machine Weight (empty) - STD Configuration
13 100 lb (59in(150cm)41 kg)
Floor Thickness (AR235 Grade Or Equivalent)
5/8 in
Flighting Thickness (AR235 Grade Or Equivalent)
5/8 in
Sidewall Thickness (AR235 Grade Or Equivalent) 1/4 In
1/4 in
Standard Planetary Model And Ratio Configuration 1603 @25,89
1602 @13.4
Length (A) 270 in (6.86 m)
Height (B) no extension 102 in (2.59in(150cm) m)
6 in capacity extension 108 in (2.74 m)
12 in capacity extension 114 in (2.9 m)
18 in capacity extension 120 in (3.05 m)
Hay retention ring (additionnal height) 0 in / 3,5 in
Width (C)  
Without incline conveyor 101 in (2.57 m)
With incline conveyor (retracted) 117 in (2.97 m)
Incline conveyor operating angle (degrees) 26 @39 degrees
Outside width of the wheels 99 in (2.51 m)
Lateral distance to discharge point (D)  
Incline conveyor chain / belt 3 ft at min.26 angle /max 40 30-28in at 26º / 28-25in at 40º
Incline conveyor chain / belt 4 ft at min. 26 angle /max 40 37-39in at 26º / 46-46in at 40º
Incline conveyor chain / belt 5 ft at min. 26 angle /max 40 44-46in at 26º / 57-57in at 40º
Incline conveyor chain / belt 6 ft at min. 26 angle /max 40 48-50in at 26º / 63-63in at 40º
Incline conveyor chain / belt 7 ft at min. 26 angle /max 40 55-57in at 26º / 73-73in at 40º
Incline conveyor chain / belt 8 ft at min. 26 angle /max 40 59-61in at 26º / 80-80in at 40º
Discharge height (E)  
Incline conveyor chain / belt 3 ft at min. 26 angle /max 40 33-35in at 26º / 40-40in at 40º
Floor ST (E1) / Conveyor FD (E2) to ground 24 in (0.61 m)
features and options

    1.Capacity 520 pi3 à 666 pi3.

    2.Reinforced tub fl oor provides longevity of the tub and also to the load cells by equalizing the weight uniformly.

   3.TRI-CUT™, auger with 2-position adjustable and reversible knives (10 standard) and 2 sweeping dispensers ensuring a 30% faster and more consistent discharge.

   4.Discharge options: Side trap or front conveyor.

   5.Carbide treated self-sharpening tungsten knives.

   6.Industry’s fi rst hydraulic TRUE-CUT™ restrictor blades allows the operator to engage and disengage during the mixing process preventing all risks of overprocessing feed.

   7.The DG500 indicator is a universal, programmable weighing indicator for recipes, dispensing and data storage. It guarantees an extremely precise weighing thanks to the 

    protected load cells and strategically located under the tank. Compatible with the DTM suite.

    8.3-point scale system.

    9.Rolled side walls (not bent) for better fl ow of material, avoiding restriction around auger and naturally increased sturdiness.

    10.SMART CONTROL remote control (optional) provides you full wireless control to: customize weighing system and recipe, hydraulics, speed of belt etc.

    11.Optional 2 speed gearbox.

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