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Highline Mfg. BP 661 Bale Pro®

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Chain & Slat Processor Offers Ease of Use

The BP 661 Bale Pro® is also a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well-engineered bale processor. An alternative to the BP 660 Bale Pro®, the 661 Bale Pro® has a slat and chain processing chamber with an offset flail drum.

Expand your BP 661 by adding a Feed Chopper™ and Grain Tank.

The Highline® flails efficiently bite into the bale for uniform feed processing. The flails are optimally sized to grab the bale.

The new stepped shaft design is machined from a single length of material vastly improving strength and durability of the drum.

The flails are designed in a spiral formation. This spiral formation ensures that the bale is continuously pulled and processed resulting in consistent feed. Also, the flail drum is digitally balanced for smooth performance and long bearing life.


BP 661 Bale Pro®
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features and benefits!

NEW Discharge Door

The singular, flat smooth top allows for easy cleaning. NEW magnetic curtain retainers break free when obstructed.

Drive Tensioning System

Easy and simple to use tensioner keeps the belt tight to avoid slippage.

Rear Deflectors

Standard on all models.

Screen Design

For better material containment.

Side Shields

Contoured to match modern bale profiles for improved flail engagement.

Hose Holder

Keep hoses protected and out of the mud! Quickly hook up to the tractor with the
hoses now located conveniently beside the tractor remotes. The hose holder locks
out of the way during backing up or for shipping.

Fork Length

Fork length of 67 ½” (1.71 m) for fullbale engagement.

Fork Position Indicator

For improved positioning when loading the second bale.

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Highline Mfg. BP 661 Bale Pro®